How It Works

How It Works

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The Current Standard vs. The Hovr Bracket System

The current standard for floating shelves and other floating solutions is designed with a 2-prong system. This design causes major weaknesses within the floating solution. The average load capacity is 50lbs.

The Hovr Bracket System uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. We use both aluminium extrusion and steel bend depending on what is required. The average load capacity is 300lbs.

Current Industry Standard Hovr Bracket System
Engineer Approved
No Yes
Load Capacity 50-100 lbs 300 lbs
Removable from Wall No Yes
Adjustable Yes Yes
Special Tools Required Yes No
Simple to Install No Yes
Long Lasting No Yes
Money Back Guarantee Unknown Yes


Here are the 3 basic steps of how the Hovr Bracket System works. 

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


"We have been searching for a better floating shelf hardware for years. I saw Hovr on Instagram & tried it out... we love it over here." - Square Contracting