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"We have been searching for a better floating shelf hardware for years. I saw hovr on Instagram & tried it out as I wasn't sure at first. We love it here. It's pretty simple to use & helps to standardized our process with making shelving. All our projects will be using the Hovr Bracket System from now on." - Square Contracting

The current industry standard

hovr bracket system

The Hovr Bracket System uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. We use both aluminium extrusion and steel bend depending on what is required. The average load capacity is 300lbs.


the Current standard

The current standard for floating shelves and other floating solutions is designed with a 2-prong system. This design causes major weaknesses within the floating solution. The average load capacity is 50lbs.

Current Industry StandardHovr Bracket System
Engineer Approved
Load Capacity50-100 lbs300 lbs
Removable from WallNoYes
Special Tools RequiredYesNo
Simple to InstallNoYes
Long LastingNoYes
Money Back GuaranteeUnknownYes

"A great product that really solved our floating shelf dilemma. We ended up turning away floating shelves in our projects because of the headaches and call backs we got. However, now I can confidently make floating shelves once again. Thanks guys"


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Watch this example of installing the Hovr Bracket System. In this video, we use only one stud so you can see how it works with & without studs. 

In general, you can use a 1:2 ratio of bracket to shelf length. So for a 36-inch shelf, you will need an 18-inch bracket. However, the minimum length for any shelf is 18 inches as the bracket must be able to straddle 2 studs minimum.

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Safe & Secure

With the Hovr Bracket System, say goodbye to sag or slants over time. It allows for secure floating shelves that stand the test of time.

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300lbs Average Load Capacity

Our average weight load capacity for an 8 inch depth is 300lbs. This allows for your clients to be confident in your design. And withstand usage over time.

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Engineer Approved

Engineer analyzed by 3rd party engineers. All calculations completed by AllNorth Engineering.

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International Patent

The Hovr Bracket System is internationally patented so the solution is exclusive to Hovr.

What our customers think


Verified Buyer

thanks hovr for a great product & for the customer service. Really enjoyed my experience so far.

John McIntosh

Verified Buyer

Ordered the 4 foot lengths, they worked great. I wasn't too sure at first, but after watching the installation videos & a quick email, they answered all my questions. Won't be making any shelving without Hovr!

Jordan Harris

Verified Buyer

We made a trial order from Hovr and the bracket system does work really well. I was unsure at the beginning so I made a smaller inital order. Working with the bracket was pretty easy and Peter and his team answered any questions I had along the way. I appreciate that aalot. Looking forward to using the hovr bracket moving forward!

Sandra Miller

Verified Buyer

Makes things all easier for floating shelves in when designing a kitchen. It really helped us and our installation team. Excited to order again. Thanks

Jon B.

Verified Buyer

I love it - makes floating shelves & mantles so easy. Don't have to worry about coming up with a complicated mounting design for those tricky projects

Rod Clay

Verified Buyer

Much larger then I expected, but looks very rugged. More work then I had planned as we have to drill and tap holes, but I think it will work out fine.