Hovr Bracket System
Hovr Bracket System
Hovr Bracket System

Hovr Bracket System

Sale price$49.99

Made from 6063 T6 aircraft-grade aluminium, the Hovr Bracket System has a maximum load capacity of 300lbs. 30 day money back guarantee. Learn more below.

First time ordering? Make sure you add-on the Installation Bit Pack.

Free shipping when your purchase is over $100 (excludes 8 FT brackets). Free shipping on 8 FT brackets when purchasing 4 or more.

Size:2 Ft (23.75")


Bracket Info


In order to save some material, as long as the shelf and bracket are installed correctly, the bracket is strong enough to be using the 1:2 ratio. Meaning that the brackets can be 1/2 the length of the shelf itself. But we always suggest to use 2 studs at a minimum.

No. 99% of the time, you will not be able to see underneath the shelf and the set screws. If that is still a concern, you can purchase a filler for the holes.

We generally recommend your shelf be at least 2" thick when using the aluminum bracket - for a standard installation, we advise never going thinner than 1 ¾ in thickness for your shelf at the absolute minimum.

This is because the bracket itself is 1 1/2" thick, so you will need at least 1/8" of additional material on the top and bottom of your shelf to house and conceal the bracket. Just remember to leave yourself that 1/4" of shelf thickness when selecting your material.

In general, it's best to leave at least 1/4" at the top and bottom of your shelf, since its far too easy to blow out 1/8" with the smallest movement. See below for a diagram of the recommended shelf thickness.

Tech Specs

• 1.506 Inches

• 0.904 Inches

• 23.75 Inches (2 FT Brackets)
• 47 Inches (4 FT Brackets)
• 94 Inches (8 FT Brackets)

• Male Bracket to Wall

• Mat Aluminum Finish - Non-Coated

• 6063 T6 Aluminum

Weight Capacity
• 300lbs Average at an 8 Inch Depth*

Order Info

What's In The Box
• Hovr Bracket System
• 1 x Corresponding Alan Key
• 1 x Drill Bit Small (3/16”)

For each 2 FT
• 4 long screws
• 14 short screws
• 3 set screws

For each 4 FT
• 8 long screws
• 25 short screws
• 4 set screws

For each 8 FT
• 16long screws
• 50 short screws
• 8 set screws

Each Order Comes With
• No more floating shelf sag
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• All Required Screws
• Any length possible (you can combine brackets together)

• 17/64 HSS Steel Drill Bit (Set Screw Install)
• 5/16 #18 HSS H3 Tap Bit (Set Screw Install)
• Epoxy Glue (Glue Install Method)
• The bits can be found in our Installation Bit Pack

We recommend you grab an Installation Bit Pack to ensure you have everything to go ahead with your installation.

It comes with the 17/64 HSS Steel Drill Bit & 5/16 #18 HSS H3 BTM Tap Bit

Customer Reviews

Based on 280 reviews
Germaine Robottom
Great Sturdy Bracket

I ordered this bracket to install a fireplace mantle that was made out of Cypress. The bracket was very sturdy and was what I was looking for.

G Robottom

Wayne Christian
First time user

Used on 4 22" shelves. Straightforward design. Just a lot of routing of the shelf to fit the bracket. Need a template to go with it.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the review - I've discussed the template with my team and we are working on making this happen.

Greg Dececco
Take my money

The brackets worked great! Took a little bit to machine the first shelf but after that everything went very smoothly. It was a little hard running multiple wires with in the bracket. I loved the way the shelves sit on the wall no adjustments required and the set screws really secure the shelves to the bracket. The customers have been happy knowing the the shelves are rated and I'm confident that they will stay in place. Good job guys👍

Frankie Burkett
Top Notch Brackets!!

I used the Hovr brackets to install 4 2” thick live edge shelves. I was hesitant to spend the extra money because so many options were available elsewhere..but I am so glad I did. These brackets are top notch. Amazing engineering, everything you need for the bracket is available through the website. I will be using Hovr on every shelf I install moving forward.


Say goodbye to floating shelf sag or failure. The Hovr Bracket System provides for long term strength & performance.

International Patent

13x Stronger

The Hovr Bracket System uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. The average load capacity is 300lbs.*


Long lasting

Our average weight load capacity for an 8 inch depth is 300lbs. Have clients to be confident in your project. And withstand usage over time.

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