Instead of waiting for the solution, we created it ourselves.

Our story starts with our founder, Peter, helping a friend. His friend moved into a small & narrow apartment and needed help. He needed to put things on the wall as he did not have a lot of room in his new apartment. Every time he tried to put something up on the wall, he would hit a void. He could not find a stud.

Peter went over the next day, with croissants in hand, to help his friend. Turns out, there were only aluminum studs every 36 inches or more. Peter claims he has never seen such a cheap renovation! Since it was such a small apartment, there was barely room for a couch, let alone for shelving. His friend desired floating shelves around his home.

Determined, Peter went home and went to work. After much research, he learned that the traditional way of installing floating shelves eventually wears down and causes the shelf to slant and potentially fall. There lies the innovation of Hovr. With Hovr’s international patented design, the bracket is stronger than any traditional floating shelf installation method.


Peter Schmid is the majority owner of Hovr Strong Solutions Inc. Peter came to Canada from Germany in 1999, and he has over 25 years of construction and management experience. Dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial, he has a Masters of Finance. He is also a self-taught handyman who has familiarized himself with North American construction, as the houses in Europe are built very differently.He has lived in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Canada, and he speaks the language of each of these countries.