Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim
Hovr Bracket Slim

Hovr Bracket Slim

Sale price$49.99

Made from 6063 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hovr Bracket Slim has a maximum load capacity of 125lbs. 30 day money back guarantee. This bracket is best for shelves that want a slim appearance, but still want the strength that the Hovr Bracket provides. Learn more below.

First time ordering? Make sure you add-on the Installation Bit Pack.

Free shipping when your purchase is over $100 (excludes 8 FT brackets). Free shipping on 8 FT brackets when purchasing 4 or more.

Size:2 Ft (23.75") (Up to a 31" Shelf)



Say goodbye to floating shelf sag or failure. The Hovr Bracket System provides for long term strength & performance.

International Patent

5x Stronger

The Hovr Bracket Slim uses a male and female bracket that interlock and screw together to form unparalleled strength. The average load capacity is 125lbs.*


Long lasting

Our average weight load capacity for an 8 inch depth is 125lbs for our Slim bracket. Have clients to be confident in your project. And withstand usage over time.

What our customers say

2 Quick Testimonials

Bracket Info


In order to save some material, as long as the shelf and bracket are installed correctly, the bracket is strong enough to be using the 1:2 ratio. Meaning that the brackets can be 1/2 the length of the shelf itself. But we always suggest to use 2 studs at a minimum.

No. 99% of the time, you will not be able to see underneath the shelf and the set screws. If that is still a concern, you can purchase a filler for the holes.

We generally recommend your shelf be at least 1.5" thick when using the Hovr Slim Bracket

This is because the bracket itself is 1 1/8" thick, so you will need at least 1/8" of additional material on the top and bottom of your shelf to house and conceal the bracket. Just remember to leave yourself that 1/4" of shelf thickness when selecting your material.

In general, it's best to leave at least 1/4" at the top and bottom of your shelf, since its far too easy to blow out 1/8" with the smallest movement. See below for a diagram of the recommended shelf thickness.

Tech Specs

• 1.125 Inches

• 0.878 Inches

• 23.75 Inches (2 FT Brackets)
• 47 Inches (4 FT Brackets)
• 94 Inches (8 FT Brackets)

• Male Bracket to Wall

• Mat Aluminum Finish - Non-Coated

• 6063 T6 Aluminum

Weight Capacity
• 150lbs Average at an 8 Inch Depth*

Order Info

What's In The Box
• Hovr Bracket System
• 1 x Corresponding Alan Key

For each 2 FT
• 2 x 3.5” male bracket screws
• 6 x 2.5” female bracket screws
• 2 x 1/2” set screws

For each 4 FT
• 4 x 3.5” male bracket screws
• 12 x 2.5” female bracket screws
• 4 x 1/2” set screws

For each 8 FT
• 8 x 3.5” male bracket screws
• 24 x 2.5” female bracket screws
• 8 x 1/2” set screws

Each Order Comes With
• No more floating shelf sag
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• All Required Screws
• Any length possible (you can combine brackets together)

• 17/64 HSS Steel Drill Bit (Set Screw Install)
• 5/16 #18 HSS H3 Tap Bit (Set Screw Install)
• Drill Bit Small (3/16”)
• Epoxy Glue (Glue Install Method)
• The bits can be found in our Installation Bit Pack

We recommend you grab an Installation Bit Pack to ensure you have everything to go ahead with your installation.

It comes with the 17/64 HSS Steel Drill Bit & 5/16 #18 HSS H3 BTM Tap Bit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Leesa Tucker
Love my new floating shelves!

We used the “slim” line of Hovr brackets because I wanted a thinner, less bulky look in my small galley kitchen. They turned out beautiful!

Rayce Boucher
More delicate and complex than one might expect

The overall process is not friendly to the amateur who may not possess the high power plunging router, router guide, tapping tool handle etc. that are required for smooth success. Also, while variation and error in the wall plane is mentioned in the instructions, adjustment and adapting for such error is not thoroughly addressed. In my case a slight concavity on the wall near the end of the bracket was not controllable by simply filling the void with caulk, and the result was a slight bend in the mounting bracket and a frustratingly delicate mounting procedure. However, I ended up with a neat, clean, "simple" shelf as desired.

Christopher Lomax
Horrible all around…

A. Price high… but I figured what the heck 300lbs ( peace of mind for clients) and ease and simplicity sure why not….

B. Not easy if walls are not perfect… what walls are? None…didn’t even fork them down… not sure if the reason was I had the slim version but absolute c*^%# would not refer this to anyone especially diyers…
C. A wood clear that holds hundred of pounds of clamps are amazing and wood is cheaper than the few hundred I spent with you guys…. Spent 1.5 hours just trying to get a 24” shelf up…. Lost money on install and parts ugh that’s not all

C the client watched me struggle with these and now it looks as if I don’t know what I’m doing… I’ve installed many floating shelves and regular shelves…
Yeah I got took on the gimmick your welcome for the few hundred bucks….
Whiskey wood works LLC
Oh ps the videos that are all over YouTube same guy… doing them…. Yeah so a fingernail above… that’s the matter of most blade adjustment etc I had to redo them… yeah sucked

Carey Graybill

Worked ok, not sure they are worth the price